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Hotel Adria Neum
Zagrebačka 2A, 88390 Neum
Telefon: +387 36 88 04 01
Fax: +387 36 88 44 02

The hotel Mogorjelo Čapljina held in the traditional, the fourth award ceremony, "Golden Crown Catering" for 2009. year the best establishments, associations and institutions in the field of hospitality and tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The organizer of this ceremony was the Association of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs Bosnia and Herzegovina, was held under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism. And this year's ceremony was attended by many prominent restaurants and tourist professionals from BiH and abroad.

Winners of Golden crown restaurant are: Hotel Aquareumal "Fojnica (category year-round tourist and catering services), the guesthouse" KIWI "Grude (in the category of the motel), apart hotel" Adria "Neum (apart hotels), hotel" TEREX "East Sarajevo (hotels three stars), wine cellar, "SIVRIĆ" (wine cellar), Hotel "Europe", Sarajevo (five-star hotels), Boro Brešić, an employee of the restaurant "Bacchus" in the shopping mall Livno (the best waiter), Hotel Adria Ski Kupres ( winter tourist centers), Gordon Puljic, the head of reception at the Hotel "ERO" Mostar (best receptionist), City Cafe Hotel "PARK" Široki Brijeg (coffee club), Hotel MOGORJELO "Čapljina (Four stars), caffe pizzeria" MOCART "Foca (CAFFE), a tourist destination," Herceg "Medjugorje (tourist resort), hotel" Pirg Bijeljina (five-star hotels with a capacity for 100 beds), Edvard Kapetanovic (the best manager in the hospitality industry), Motel CICIBELA "Brcko (motels ), guest houses "MISIRLIJE" Srebrenica (pensions), the hotel 'OLD TOWN "Mostar (preserving the original graditeljse Heritage), Hotel" Holywood "Ilidža (continuity and quality of development), international restaurant" barrique "Široki Brijeg (International restaurant), Ćevabdžinica" DRAGON "Sarajevo (Čevabdžinica), ethno-seo" BEGOVO VILLAGE "Nišići (ethno village), restaurant" LAKE "Banja Luka (national restaurant), restaurant grappolo" in the hotel "BROTNJO" Čitluk (restaurants in the hotel), etc. sc. Nevenko Herceg, Federal Minister for Tourism and the environment (for outstanding personal contribution to the development of tourism and hospitality in BiH and systematic work aimed at positioning the BH as a desirable tourist destination).