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Hotel Adria Neum
Zagrebačka 2A, 88390 Neum
Telefon: +387 36 88 04 01
Fax: +387 36 88 44 02

In its vicinity you can find Hutovo, Hrasno and Gradac, locations in Herzegovina known for their rich cultural background. In Hrasno you can find the holly sanctuary of the Holly Mother of Peace; the Etnological museum and the church of Saint John in Hutovo, in Grac you can find the church of Saint Ana from the 17th century. Herzegovina has always been set in the core of various religions, civilizations and is most know for its stone stecak.

One of the most unforgettable destinations by far is Dubrovnik, a well known tourist destination which has recently become a jet-set destination. Nearby you can find Ston, the city with the longest city walls in Europe, which in many respects are a copy of the walls surrounding the Old city of Dubrovnik.

For people who visit Neum we recommend they go to the most famous catholic destination – Medugorje, as well as visiting Mostar the capital of Hercegovina which is rich in monuments of the Islam culture. For those seeking unspoilt nature we recommend visiting the waterfalls Kravica.

Excursions to Dubrovnik, Korcula, Medjugorje or Kravica can be organised by the hotel.